The Joshua Generation Youth & Children Mission

The Taskforce on the Children and Youth Mission of the Church of Nigeria was inaugurated during the DIVCCON Conference in November 2020.

Our focus will be to build Children and Youth Mission that will mobilize them unto the Word, Prayer, Worship, Witness and Outreach. We desire that God will raise the Joshua Generation who shall conquer their generation for the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

In doing this the young people, in particular, must be empowered economically, spiritually and socially and be helped out of poverty and unemployment so that they will take their God-given place in leadership both in Church and society. The Maiden Youth Mission Conference will hold 5th to 10th April 2021 at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State.

The Theme is LIVING WITH A PURPOSE (ROM. 8:27-30). Prominent servants of God will be ministering to the Youth. We request for your prayers and support to make this conference a success. There will be Pre-Conference Regional Mobilization Meetings. It is estimated that Fifteen Thousand Youths will attend and we are budgeting N10,000 per person in running the Conference.


  • May the Lord continue strengthen you

  • Thank you

  • This program is a vision
    that has been revealed to me as a Young girl …and it’s not just any program it’s God’s heartbeat finally becoming a manifestation. It’s just the beginning of greater manifestations. He said he is doing a new thing, not what we know of but things that we are yet to one should take this program for granted.. let’s pray for and support this program.. God bless us as we do

  • The conference is already a success in Jesus name Amen. God is really raising generation that will stand for him no matter the ups and downs that is happening in the world now.

  • This vision shall stand the taste of time in Jesus mighty name amen. Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, is raising a generation that will stand for God and Carry the banner of Christ within and all sphere of life in holiness and rightousness. Thanks you so much our amiable Primate Most. Rev Henry Ndukauba

  • I pray that the Good Lord should continue to grant the heart desires of the organizers in Jesus name amen
    I also pray that this conference must bring out a multiple results
    I stand by the Rock of ages and decree that I must be enriched through this conference so help me Lord Amen.

  • God Bless the primate for this wonderful vision and opportunity to youths of our dear church. In time like this.

  • May God grant it’s success,And the purpose behind it be fulfilled in Jesus name Amen.

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